IIOT Wireless

Wireless sensors nodes mount on existing machinery and seamlessly transmit data to AegisOne Cloud™ for analysis.

AI Analytics
Machine Learning

AI engine and rule-based logic analyze the data and deliver immediate actionable insights and corrective recommendations.

Data Visualization

Intuitive Web-based user interface empowers users to visualize and analyze machine health and performance.

for Prescriptive Maintenance

AegisOne™ offers manufacturers and continuous-process facilities a simple, cost-effective, yet powerful new tool for reducing maintenance costs and protecting against potentially adverse conditions due to unexpected machine failures.

AegisOne™ represents the next-generation, prescriptive maintenance (RxM) solution that is robust, secure and scalable. Having instant access to accurate real-time data provides notable advantages in making front-end decisions that can improve production schedules, product yield and overall quality.

Actionable Insights

Rapid Deployment

Secure & Scalable

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Informative Resources

Valuable resources to help you to learn more about condition-based monitoring and our prescriptive maintenance solution.

White Papers

Go deep with technical resources on the most cutting-edge IIOT and AI applications.

Case Studies

How companies avoid unplanned downtime, improve performance and save money.

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Next-Level Prescriptive Maintenance Solution

Key Benefits

AegisOne offers comprehensive and actionable insights to manufacturers and continuous process facilities seeking an effective yet affordable equipment monitoring solution to help reduce equipment failures.

30 %

Reduce Maintenance Costs

75 %

Increase Machine Availability

20 %

Improve Production Quality

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Key Advantages

AegisOne™ is a real-time monitoring service that exceeds technical requirements while meeting financial considerations.

Protection 85%
Maintenance 70%
Improvement 95%


Technical Benefits

AegisOne address the predictive machine monitoring needs of a modern factory.


Financial Benefits

AegisOne offers an economic option that has favorable financial considerations.

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Our leadership at Aegis One are outstanding professionals with deep subject matter expertise.

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