Data Visualization

Rich Graphical User Interface

Data Visualization

AegisOne™ incorporates a powerful, yet simple and intuitive Web-based user interface, including a real-time dashboard used to visualize machine health and performance indicators.

Dynamic gauges and charts reveal real-time and historical data used to assist in root cause analysis and supporting the recommended maintenance action.  We also incorporate ‘point and click’ data exploration and rich analysis tools for deeper interpretations.

Dynamic Real-Time Dashboard

Rich Charts and Graphs with Historical Data

Powerful Analysis Tools for Detailed Assessments

Email | Text | Push

Smart Notifications

Automatic alerts are issued to designated personnel describing the impending failure condition while maintenance orders are generated with easy-to-follow instructions for guided inspections and/or corrective maintenance procedures.

Automatic Alerts

Real-time alerts of machine status and resulting actionable outcomes are issued to any number of designated personnel.

Intelligent Work Orders

Automated maintenance orders specifically describe developing issues with recommended corrective actions.