Brief Bio

Mr. Choufani has over twenty-five years of experience at the forefront of new and innovative technology sectors where he is focused on implementing corporate strategy into daily operations to meet key objectives.

As Managing Director of CAG Funds, Tarek is involved in various stages of the Fund’s portfolio companies spanning across a broad spectrum of industries globally.  Mr. Choufani brings extensive management experience in the technology industry as well as valuable know-how and expertise in market development and finance structuring within various industry sectors throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

While working with IZP, a leading global big data company in Shenzhen, China, Mr. Choufani was instrumental in helping expand their financial and logistical transactions segment across Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe and Middle East.

As a key liaison with MPR Tech, China’s equivalent to eBay, Tarek worked with management to streamline online auction management operations and improve top line revenues while helping realize savings in operating expenses.

As a key member of 4PX, an e-commerce solutions provider based in Shanghai, China, Mr. Choufani worked with designers and engineers to implement custom supply chain systems and software services that delivered efficiencies across multiple levels including installation, training, maintenance, and security.

Tarek holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from University of California in Business Economics and Marketing, and is fluent in English, Arabic and French.

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