Industrial Strength AI

Rapid deployment platform
built to solve industrial-scale problems.

AegisOne™ exploits the latest, state-of-the-art IoT, Cloud, and Edge processing technologies to enable data collection and transmission, while driving machine learning/AI analytics to deliver real-time insights for predictive maintenance solutions.

AegisOne’s scalable, rapid deployment platform can be extended to address broad industrial implementations in detecting incipient machine failures in equipment and common sub-assemblies spanning the entire manufacturing process and automatically issuing smart alerts advising on specific recommendations for corrective actions.

  • Failure Prediction
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Dynamic Rules Logic
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Core Data Integrity
  • Smart Recommendations

Actionable Insights

AegisOne™ Predictive Analytics

AegisOne™ leverages the latest IIoT technology, machine-learning/AI algorithms, and Cloud computing with edge processing infrastructure to collect, diagnose and transmit critical information about machine health and performance.


IIOT Wireless Sensors

Three on-board sensors: acoustic, vibration and temperature, collect data and wirelessly transmitted to our secure gateway.



We use edge processing to generate meaningful results, which are passed on to the Cloud for further processing and analysis.


AI/Machine Learning

Our analytics engine employs rule-based logic and machine learning/AI to evaluate machine health and predict failures.


Data Visualization

User-friendly interface with real-time dashboards facilitate key observations and recommends maintenance procedures.

Working With Excellence

See It in Action

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Technical Specifications

AegisOne™ Nodes

Ultrasonic: MEMS Acoustic Detector | 0-40kHz
Vibration: MEMS Tri-Axial Accelo | +/- 40g | 0 – 10kHz
Temp: NTC Thermistor | -40 to 85C | +/- 1C (0 to 70C)
Connectivity: 2.4GHz / Wirepas Mesh Networking
Security: TLS 1.2 | AES | TKIP | CKIP | WPA | WPA2
Power: 2-AA Size | 1.5 – 1.8V | 4 – 4.6Ah | 4-6 Yrs
Environmental: -40 to 85C | FCC, CE, RoHS | IP67

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System Architecture

Our platform represents a secure end-to-end IIoT/AI solution that takes a holistic approach on multiple levels by fusing together important features across four layers.

Connectivity Layer
Infrastructure layer where wireless sensors capture data and transmit to gateway.
Data Mngmnt Layer
Provides a centralized layer for data acquisition, aggregation and processing.
Analytics Layer
Reads and analyzes data digested by the Data Management layer.
Security Layer
Spans all layers, guaranteeing protection of data on an ongoing basis.