Edge-to-Cloud Computing


AegisOne™ SAAS Platform

Cloud Computing

AegisOne™ Cloud uses state-of-the-art Industrial IIoT architecture designed for redundancy, flexibility and scalability.

Our Cloud platform represents a robust, secure, and scalable IIoT solution that takes a holistic approach on multiple levels .

We leverage Edge processing to generate insights at the factory floor rather than waiting for key information to be transmitted to our technology core.  With this approach, we preprocess the data, generate meaningful results, and pass only those on to the Cloud for further processing and analysis.

For example, first we aggregate and convert the data, analyze it, and send only projections as to when each device will fail or require service. This way we reduce the amount of superfluous data that gets sent, which may consume excessive network bandwidth and potentially cause latency issues. Then, we pass raw vibration data to our machine learning algorithms that combine this data with historical information to perform long-term assessments, such as remaining useful life and optimal performance.

Remote Machine Monitoring

Benefits of the Cloud

With AegisOne™ you don’t have to purchase equipment and build out and operate a data center. There is no need to spend money on hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of maintaining software.  Cloud computing offers many benefits.


Scale up or scale down quickly, allowing flexibility as business needs change.


Collaboration in a cloud environment gives ability to share data more easily.


Ensures data is secure in a safe location in case of power failure or other crisis.


Allows employees to access data in a centralized location while offsite at any time.