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The oil and gas industry is considered the largest as it generates hundreds of billions of dollars globally every year. The world dependency on oil and gas continues to grow as most economies rely on petroleum-based products. Petroleum is the primary material for a multitude of chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, solvents and plastics.

The economic rewards of maintaining high-levels of productivity and efficiency are therefore massive. The environmental regulations increase the complexities of production, which introduces added difficulties in optimizing the production process. This has led oil and gas manufacturing companies to turn to industry 4.0 solutions, and implement IoT in the manufacturing processes.

The AegisOne™ solution employs condition-based machine monitoring of critical pumps and compressors by using machine-learning techniques to perform predictive analytics and automated root cause analysis. This enables oil and gas manufacturers to maximize efficiencies and process-driven throughput in production.

Results and Outcomes

Solve your most pressing business challenges with data-backed decisions.

Position your business for the future. Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and lower costs.  Empower your teams to make smarter, faster decisions throughout the entire production process. All without disrupting your current systems and workflow.

Drive operational efficiency and productivity.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), drive world-class productivity and enable continuous improvement with Industrial AI and machine learning. Further reduce process and product variation and leverage better insights for immediate action.

Improve the reliability of your product.

Detect and resolve anomalies and defects earlier in the process, ensuring world-class quality leaves the dock. Machine learning anomaly detection is a closed-loop detection process that improves first-pass yield, reducing raw material spend, scrap and non-value-add rework costs.

Optimize your labor and energy costs.

Decrease unplanned downtime and hit production targets, reducing the need for overtime or resources for production capacity surges. Predictable production drives more confidence in capacity planning and an optimized financial operating model.

Increase asset availability and reliability.

Improve the work balance of assets and reduce costs associated with idling, starving or blocking equipment. Financially optimize maintenance strategy, applying preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance where it drives the most value for the operation.

Turn Data into Outcomes

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